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The exquisite, extravagant present

Vinzenz Stergin, one of Europe's leading musicians is offering his services to collaborate on a bespoke musical collaboration to mark or celebrate special occasions.

He can take his inspiration from a set of still photographs, a video of an event, or images of favourite places and people. An important part of the bespoke composition process is interviewing people in order to draw further on their character and their preferences, likes and dislikes.

The bespoke music - which can range from classic to pop - will be owned rights free by the client and provide a once in a lifetime experience.


No piece is ever the same

"I thoroughly try to capture the essence of the person, the couple or the event through music. It is a collaboration however and I would closely work with my clients to get the composition just right. Music is about telling stories and conveying emotions. Everyone has a story to tell. I take great pleasure in working out your story and turn it into a piece of music.”

Vinzenz Stergin, a multi-instrumentalist, studied at the world-famous conservatory Mozarteum in Salzburg as well as the renowned Trinity College of Music in London. The award-winning, published musician will compose, record and produce a unique piece of music - tailored specifically to the occasion and importantly celebrating the people creating the memories.

Vinzenz, who has a vast network of world-class musicians, has worked with individuals and businesses creating one-off pieces of music for presentations, birthdays, weddings and other celebrations.

Bespoke composition played a huge role through the ages with kings and monarchs having had music composed for themselves and special occasions. You could soon listen to your very own composition.

Work Examples

This is one of my song arrangements.

This is a client's favorite Champagne turned into a piece of music using the sound of Champagne glasses.

This is a client's poem turned into a piece of music.

This piece is inspired by a client's photo of her favourite evening on a holiday in Kenia.



If you like to discuss a bespoke composition or have any questions please use the form below or call Vinzenz Stergin on +44 7531 830784 .